Conferences and Public Talks


Kilham, S, 2018. Re-imagining Farmer’s Livelihoods through the lens of Autonomy: Or why farmers do what they do. Area Studies and Beyond. 22nd Biennial Conference of the Asia Studies Association of Australia. University of Sydney Accepted for July 2018.

Kilham, S, 2014. Autonomy and Assets of Smallholder Farmers: Biofuels as a Diversification Strategy. Knowledge, Culture, Economy International Conference. UWS Nov 2014.

Kilham, S. 2013. Biofuels: Reconceptualising Social inclusion. “Development Futures” ACFID-University Conference in November 2013, UTS.

Kilham, S 2012. Biodiesel Development in Timor-Leste: Risk or benefit for Subsistence Farmers? 10 years of Independence, A Research Event, hosted by UTS and the NSW Association of Timorese Students

Kilham, S and Willets, J. 2009 Transdisciplinary Research – Opportunities for Understanding Timor-Leste. Understanding Timor-Leste Conference, Liceu, Dili, Timor-Leste July 2-3 2009

Kilham, S. 2009 Biofuel Production: Considerations from Brazil. Transforming Timor-Leste Conference, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dili, Timor-Leste July 6-7 2009


2018 Autonomous Livelihoods: Autonomy and agency at the centre of development  University of Technology Sydney

2018 Gardening for Health, Health of the Garden Blacktown City Council

2017 Scrivener for Thesis Writers ResBaz Research Conference UTS

2014 Subsistence Farmers and Biodiesel Production in Timor-Leste Sydney South East Asia Centre, University of Sydney

2011 Smallholder Farmers & Biodiesel Production in Brazil Australian National Centre for Latin America Studies, ANU

2010 The National Biodiesel Production and Use Program (PNPB)- Lessons from the Field Federal University of Brasilia (UnB) (Lecture in Portuguese) Biodiesel: The International Scene National University of Timor Loro sa’e (UNTL) (Lecture in Tetun)